Following the close of the survey in July, a report will be prepared and posted to VHPA Members in mid-July. This will be followed by a draft Log of Claims, which will be emailed to all VHPA Members. Members will then have an opportunity to provide feedback on the Log before voting on a finalised version.

Workplace meetings to endorse the Log of Claims will commence on 4 August.

“This process is a bit more involved than Members might have been used to in the past. However, it’s really important that the Log of Claims is genuinely ‘owned’ by the membership,” said VHPA Assistant Secretary, Andrew Hewat. “This approach is consistent with our commitment to ensure that the VHPA is democratically owned and run by the Membership,” said Hewat.

“The response on the ground has also been great,” said Lead Organiser, Linda Jenkin.  “There is still a mountain of work to do but every day we have Members getting active in a multitude of ways; it’s clear that Members are taking the “it’s my Agreement” message to heart and acting on it!” said Jenkin.