HIS employees and the VHPA had a win at the Fair Work Commission (FWC) yesterday with the locked-out 6 being returned to work.

The VHPA made an application to the FWC in response to what we consider to be a range of breaches of the good faith bargaining provisions of Act on the part of Healthcare Imaging Services. The VHPA and HIS appeared before Commissioner Johns yesterday, Thursday 8 May, in Conference.

Following extended talks agreement was reached that saw VHPA members returned to work.

“This is an excellent outcome for members. We will be lifting operational bans at all sites but will be maintaining five critical items under the Protected Action Ballot Order remain active at all sites except The Avenue,” noted Lead Organiser, Linda Jenkin.

“The maintenance of these five actions will allow us to keep the pressure up during the period of the ballot [for the non-union Agreement that HIS are putting to staff].”

HIS Member Fundraiser

The suspension of the lockout doesn’t mean the end of fundraising. Hardship payments are still required to staff locked out up until yesterday and there is the possibility of further costs going forward.

The next fundraiser is the Dinner on Thursday 22 May and you can book and/or donate via this link.

HIS Sacks VHPA Delegate (or VHPA Delegate in the Firing Line at HIS)

On Tuesday 6 May, HIS terminated the employment of VHPA Delegate, Scott Plowman.

The extraordinary move has raised the ire of the VHPA and outraged members.

“This is an appalling attack on a committed healthcare professional,” said VHPA Secretary Craig McGregor.

“Employers cannot lawfully target Union delegates on the basis of legitimate union activism,” noted VHPA Alex Leszczynski Senior Industrial Coordinator.

The VHPA has engaged Counsel. “We always back our delegates,” said McGregor, “and will be seeing HIS in the Federal Court.”