Members at Healthscope recently voted on their new Enterprise Agreement and the result was a unanimous YES.

Unfortunately, an error on behalf of Healthscope management has meant the ballot is invalid and they have had to put it out to the vote again.

This second vote will open on October 24 and close on October 30.

This delay has implications in relation to backpay for anyone planning to leave Healthscope in the near future. Currently Healthscope have advised that they are “considering” paying the backpay at the conclusion of the vote rather than after Fair Work approval however, this is not yet confirmed.

If you do fall into this group, please contact us on 1300 322 917 or via email

Members have also expressed concerns about accessing Professional Development, a clause which was significantly improved in this Agreement.  If you’re having issues around this, please let us know.

Healthscope meetings

Workplace meetings have been held at Cotham Private and Vic Rehab and others are booked in for The Melbourne Clinic and Melbourne Private – if you’re at another Healthscope site, please contact our Organising Support Officer, Lucas Evans on 1300 322 917 so we can arrange one as soon as possible.  There is also additional activity planned for early next week so please check your emails.

Remember – it’s your Agreement!

It’s been a long and sometimes arduous journey to this point and we’re determined to ensure that all Members receive their full entitlements.

>> If you work at Healthscope and are  not already a Member, please consider joining; it’s the best way to protect your entitlements.

>>  If you’re not already on the email mailing list, please email your details to