Love it or hate it (or somewhere in between), social media platforms such as Facebook provide a quick, accessible way for us to communicate with Members – particularly in relation to reminders about workplace meetings and other events.  It’s also proved a great way for people to show their support to Members involved in the various campaigns the Branch has run including Community Health, Red Cross Blood Service, Yooralla and HIS (Healthcare Imaging Services) amongst others.

So, if you’re not on Facebook yet, think about setting up an account so you can stay in touch.  If you do have a Facebook account, we’d ask you to do two things 1) LIKE our page and 2) invite your Facebook friends to like our page.

These might seem like simple things but, whilst they are easy to do, they help ensure that the profile of the Branch continues to grow and more Health Professionals and supporters know what we’re doing and how to get involved.