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VAHPA Training

20 Jan 2017 | News

The first of our 2017 Training Dates are set and filling fast.  These are the first 2-day courses VAHPA has conducted, facilitated by the paid Union Training Leave in the new Public Sector Agreement.

“The significance of this new entitlement cannot be overestimated,” said VAHPA Assistant Secretary, Andrew Hewat. “Members fought for it because they understood that having well trained Delegates and Activists on the ground was a key element in building strength at work.  And having achieved it, we intend to make full use of it to benefit all VAHPA Members.”

The dates for the first two courses are February 21 & 22 and February 28 & March 1 and will be held in Melbourne’s CBD.  Accommodation is available for regional and outer suburban participants.

The training is open to all VAHPA Members and across all sectors so don’t hesitate to register if you are not yet a VAHPA Delegate.

Members with queries should contact Linda Jenkin on 1300 322 917 or via email linda.jenkin@vahpa.asn.au