VAHPA Secretary Craig McGregor: right, with VAHPA Assistant Secretary Andrew Hewat: left

The Clean Sweep Team, headed up by Craig McGregor, Andrew Hewat and Cheryl O’Connor, has been returned to office for a further 4-year term. The election was not contested.

“This is a great outcome and we are really proud to be able to play a leadership role at such a great union”, said McGregor.

“We have seen membership numbers increase by over 60%, up from 2812 to just on 4600 today—a staggering result in this political climate. We’ve seen dozens and dozens of delegates and activists go through our training and take up a leadership role in their workplace. We’ve improved governance standards dramatically—members can see how every cent is used. The Branch Committee has also worked to improve our overall financial position… we have increased our income from $1.3 million to over $2.6 million per annum in just 5 years. For the first time, VAHPA has genuine financial security”, concluded McGregor.

Your direct representatives at VAHPA sit as the Branch Committee of Management (BCOM). Every member of BCOM is an Allied Health Professional and is dedicated to making VAHPA as good as it can be.

  • President – Cheryl O’Connor
  • Senior Vice President – Joanne Ginn
  • Junior Vice President – Marni Jackson
  • Secretary – Craig McGregor
  • Assistant Secretary – Andrew Hewat
  • Trustee 1 – Scott Plowman
  • Trustee 2 – Anthony D’Amore
  • Ordinary Member – Justin Selleck
  • Ordinary Member – Sarah Hathway
  • Ordinary Member – Bernarda Cavka
  • Ordinary Member – Kim Vien
  • Ordinary Member – Kerri Felemonow

VAHPA Members and employees are to be congratulated on years of hard work. Your union is thriving on every level now, where so many others are struggling. This outcome flows from members taking real ownership of their union and from the incredible level of commitment and dedication that our employees have shown over many years now. Thank you all so very much!

VAHPA—by the members, for the members!

In Unity
Craig McGregor and the VAHPA team