Further to our recent e-News, we are pleased to advise that there are now confirmed dates for the next phase of our new Agreement!

Your respective employers will release the final draft of the Agreement for the mandatory consideration period commencing Thursday 24 November.

The ballot will open on Tuesday 6 December and close on Tuesday 13 December.

The ballot will be conducted electronically via an independent external company; no one apart from yourself will know how you voted.

Congratulations to all the VAHPA Members who responded promptly to our recent call to action – this movement is in no small part due to your collective efforts.

The VAHPA Organising Team are working on another round of Agreement updates; now that we have an indicative timeline in relation to operational dates, we want to ensure all Allied Health Professionals are aware of their new and improved entitlements.

Work is also well underway to ensure that we are able to assist VAHPA Members – both individually and collectively – with specific elements of the Agreement.

If you have queries, please contact VAHPA on 1300 322 917.