Bargaining, Bargaining, Bargaining!

We’re just over the halfway mark in the 2019 calendar year and we have a number of new Agreements completed and a swathe to go.  

Our completed list includes, but is not limited to; Scope, Sunbury Community Health, and Cabrini, the latter with a successful ballot which closed in the last few days.  

On the Currently Bargaining list we have Healthe Care who are putting an offer out to staff next week.  VAHPA Members aren’t happy with this offer so a VOTE NO campaign is afoot.  Also just started is bargaining at Lake Imaging Western Region.  

About to start is bargaining at Healthscope where we are awaiting confirmation of our first meeting date, and Lake Imaging Ballarat where the first bargaining meeting is scheduled for 15 August.   

Hot on the heels of the “about to start” is the just around the corner list which includes Genesis, Sunraysia Medical Imaging and Melbourne City Mission Early Childhood Intervention.   

We have a couple of other bargaining items pending, one depending on the outcome of a majority support petition which closes at midnight tonight, and the other which has a sale of business currently being resolved.   

Based on previous years there is little doubt that this list will increase as the year progresses.   

If there’s bargaining at your workplace get involved. Good bargaining outcomes only happen where members are engaged and active!