4000 mems

This Sunday afternoon VAHPA reached another important milestone—we signed up Member 4,000!  This is a significant increase, up 43% from January 2013.

This makes your Union VAHPA one of the fastest growing Unions in the country and demonstrates what Members can do when they take their union back.  

Not surprisingly, a lot of this recent growth has been in the Public Sector. However, we are also seeing increases in membership across community health, disability and the private sector.

“Increasing our density in the public sector is extremely important and it’s great to see such a significant increase only a week after our Code Blue mass meeting,” said VAHPA Secretary, Craig McGregor.

“We are a large and organised collective of well over 8000 Allied Health Professionals. If we want a good outcome, for patients and workers alike, we must make it happen in our own right. It is fantastic to see just how reinvigorated and passionate the members of this union are!”