Last week’s HP Update exposed the fact that Health Professionals in the public sector were experiencing a delay in their pay rise that was due from 1 October.

Many members are rightly concerned that they will miss out on up to a fortnight of the pay increase — that is, up to $33.75.

“While we are not talking about a massive sum of money for individual Health Professionals, the overall saving for the public hospitals will be quite a significant sum and possibly in excess of $200,000,”said Craig McGregor, VHPA Secretary.

“We believe this is blatantly unfair and devalues the contribution that Health Professionals are making to our public health system.

“In our view the principle is clear and we are determined to do all we can to ensure members get their full entitlement, with the pay rise taking effect from 1 October as per the Enterprise Agreement.”

“We have already raised the issue with the VHIA but in light of their unhelpful response, we are now escalating the issue and have raised it with the Fair Work Commission,” said Craig McGregor.