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Ramsay HPs get early pay rise

27 Nov 2013 | Bargaining, Wages and salaries

Health Professionals at Ramsay Health Care a can look forward to a 3.5% pay increase in mid-December (back-paid to the first full-pay pay period commencing on or after 1 November 2013), delivering a typical Grade 2, Year 5 Health Professional an extra $54.21 a week.

The pay increase comes despite the new Ramsay Enterprise Agreement continuing to be drafted and not yet voted on by staff.

However Health Professionals in the employ of Ramsay Health Care have already received the first pay increase under the Agreement and will now get another pay rise based on the in-principle support of the proposed Agreement.

While the content of the Agreement was largely agreed to several months ago, final drafting of significant changes in the structure and wording of the Agreement that Ramsay proposed is still occurring.

“The backpay and early pay rise are both signs of the goodwill and respect Ramsay has for Health Professionals at the major private sector healthcare provider,” said Linda Jenkin, VHPA Lead Organiser.