Members at MIA are being urged to VOTE NO to a sub-standard offer from management that would see their wages fall behind their colleagues working for other private radiology firms.

VAHPA has been in negotiations with MIA for several months now. However in a surprise move management recently declared that negotiations have ‘concluded’ and that an Agreement will be put to the ballot. That is, they want you to vote up an agreement that we know is sub-standard.

There are a number of concerning aspects of the proposed Agreement, not the least of which is the disappointing wage offer. These include a proposal to extend the ordinary hours of work. Not only is this likely to have a detrimental impact on your work/life balance but it means that staff who want overtime will very likely have less access to it.

MIA has also refused to genuinely engage with the great bulk of items on your log of claims.

“This is particularly disappointing to our Members,” said VAHPA Lead Organiser, Linda Jenkin.  “These items were designed to improve things for both the staff and the Company, and many were low or no-cost items.”

The process from here is that when MIA release the proposed Agreement they must give staff 7 days to consider the document before the vote opens. VAHPA are urging all staff to VOTE NO. We are also urging management to return to the bargaining table so that we can reach a fair and reasonable resolution to this dispute.

It is important that communication is clear and timely during all bargaining and this is particularly the case during a tense standoff. Encourage your co-workers to sign up to the VAHPA email list so they receive updates.  This can be done via this LINK .


In separate negotiations, MIA’s sister company, Regional Imaging Gippsland (RIG) also made the move to put a substandard Agreement to staff for consideration. Unsurprisingly, members voted that agreement down in overwhelming numbers (72%).

VAHPA members at RIG are now preparing to vote up a Protected Action Ballot Order (PABO), which will afford members the right to take industrial action. We hope that this will be enough to get management back to the negotiating table.

In order to participate in the Protected Action Ballot you must be a Union Member by the close of the roll; whilst an exact timeline is yet to be determined by the AEC, we would suggest Wednesday 4 November at this stage.

Only Members get to vote in the Protected Action Ballot.

“VAHPA Members at RIG should be congratulated for the strong message sent in the recent vote and we need to continue that with the Protected Action Ballot,” said VAHPA Lead Organiser, Linda Jenkin.

“Our Delegates have done a fantastic job bringing their colleagues with them. This is a strong and unified workforce!” concluded Jenkin.

For more information on the Enterprise Agreements at either RIG or MIA please contact VAHPA Lead Organiser Linda Jenkin on