Hundreds of members of the Health Workers Union (HWU) have voted in favour of taking protected industrial action across Dorevitch’s Pathology services in Victoria and are set to commence industrial action on Monday.

VAHPA stands in support of the action taken by HWU and reminds all members to stand in solidarity with the HWU.

“Our comrades at the HWU are fighting hard to get a very long overdue wage increase,” said VAHPA Assistant Secretary, Andrew Hewat. “We would hate to see any worker, let alone an Allied Health Professional, engage in anti-union action. Never cross a picket line!” exclaimed Hewat.

Dorevitch Pathology is a subsidiary of Primary Healthcare Limited, a company VAHPA has had unpleasant dealings with in the past. Members will remember the ugly stoush VAHPA had with Healthcare Imaging Services (HIS), another subsidiary of Primary, in 2014.

“Dorevitch is notorious for its anti-worker stance,” noted VAHPA Secretary Craig McGregor.

“You have to wonder how this company, widely considered to be a bad corporate citizen, is still contracted by a Labor state government,” concluded McGregor.