A pre-Xmas online poll resulted in a clear message from members at Healthcare Imaging Services (HIS) for the VHPA to start moves towards industrial action.

The poll showed 100% of members rejected the latest offer by HIS management and an overwhelming 98% support taking a Protected Action Ballot as the next step in their Enterprise Agreement campaign.

The offer from HIS management that is currently on the table is:

  • A meagre 1% pay rise in the first year with no guaranteed pay rise in following years;
  • Maintenance of the existing seemingly arbitrary bonus scheme;
  • A new profit sharing scheme with yet-to-be developed measures;
  • Loss of change of shift conditions; and
  • An Enterprise Agreement that only lasts for 18 months.

The VHPA has advised HIS management of the results of our survey and they have sought a follow-up meeting with us for Thursday 16 January.

“It remains to be seen whether HIS management have really listened to staff or are just stalling for time with this next meeting.”

“Our paperwork for a Protected Action Ballot is now being prepared – it’s up to HIS management whether we move to lodge this with the Fair Work Commission later this week,” said Linda Jenkin, VHPA Lead Organiser.

“While there has been strong membership growth at HIS over the past few months, we really need to continue this trend to ensure maximum strength and unity on the ground as our campaign continues.”

>> HIS staff are reminded to contact the VHPA if you’re not already on the email list.
>> Remember to sign up a colleague – attached is our membership form