Members at St John of God win 3.25% backdated pay rise

Congratulations to members at St John of God Health Care who recently voted in favour of their Enterprise Agreement which has now been certified. With a fresh approach from the new union leadership and genuine unity among members we were able to achieve a terrific outcome. This was only possibly because our members stood up and voted NO to the previous EA ballot. Members uniting as a collective have allowed a much better outcome to be achieved! Key features are:

  • 3.25% pay increase backdated to 1 July 2012
  • Retention of all existing conditions, plus:
  • Addition of $500 pro rata PD allowance
  • Opportunity to access PD leave on both rostered and non-rostered days
  • Time in lieu being payed at overtime rate now formalised in the Agreement
  • Maternity leave can be accessed in a wider range of personal circumstances
  • Improvements to redundancy provisions following  more than 5 years service

For more information please contact the Union