Health Professionals working for Healthcare Imaging Services (HIS) have achieved curbs on extended work hours thanks to intervention by the VHPA.

The management of HIS recently tried to extend staff work hours so that the company could operate MRI consultations from 6am to 11pm every day. Despite extra hours of work clearly having an adverse impact on their ability to balance their work and family needs, staff at HIS felt they were given no choice but to accept the extension.

However by taking the matter to the Fair Work Commission, the VHPA has been able to curb the change and limit the normal span of hours from 6am to 10pm. This is the second win by HIS staff this year, with successful representation by the VHPA achieving pay for CPR training that was undertaken by HIS staff.

Members at HIS welcomed the training pay, saying it was less about the money itself than it was about transparency and fairness; and the fact that where this doesn’t happen, the Union will stand with us  to get things done.

Time for new members at HIS to join

Negotiations for a new Enterprise Agreement at HIS are due to start shortly. So now is the time for VHPA members at HIS to encourage their colleagues to get back involved with the VHPA.

HIS management has a record of playing it tough when it comes to negotiations, so it is important Health Professionals join together to defend and improve their pay, conditions and job security.

There are around twenty HIS worksites in Victoria that provide x-ray, ultrasound, multi-slice CT, MRI and nuclear medicine services.

>>For more information or to get involved in the HIS Enterprise Agreement campaign, please call 1300 322 917 or email