The ongoing Community Health EA campaign was given a significant boost on Monday evening as Delegates from across the sector converged for a mass meeting.

The meeting saw delegates come together to share information and work collectively to plot out the legal and public aspects of the campaign.

“This campaign,” noted VHPA Secretary Craig McGregor, “is just about to kick off in earnest. The work being done by our people in Community Health is extremely important and highly valued by the community. We will not stand idle while the sector stagnates.”

“Health is a big ticket item for Victorians. And while I suspect Dr. Napthine does not want another health related fight on his hands, let’s be clear, that fight is coming,” concluded McGregor.

VHPA Members in all sectors and regions are asked to keep their eye on this campaign; our colleagues in Community Health will greatly benefit from the support of fellow members in the near future.