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One very important part of our protected action is changing email signatures to a message in supporting the CODE BLUE campaign.

Our successful protected action ballots mean that you are legally allowed to change your work email signature to promote support for the campaign. You can choose a message of support for the campaign from the suggestions below.

Click the links below to save a JPEG file to include in your email signature. 

For instructions about how to change your email signature in Outlook Express see this link.

Phase-1 Protected Industrial Action:

  • Wear your Code Blue T-shirt and badge at work every day
  • Change your email signature to reflect a campaign message
  • Take your tea breaks and lunch breaks in full
  • Do not perform any unpaid or unauthorised overtime unless it is approved in writing, in advance and paid
  • Display campaign posters and flyers in your workplace (including in public areas)
  • Display an inflatable Code Blue dinosaur in your workplace or reception area
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