It has been another dramatic week for HIS members- following the stop-work meeting on 28th March two more members were locked out on Tuesday of last week. In a sudden turn of events, on Thursday HIS released the lockout on all staff members and those members have now returned to work. HIS will also return to bargaining meetings which begin today.

Although the work with HIS is far from over, the release of the lockout and the resumption of bargaining meetings are a big step in gaining a resolution for HIS members.

This positive step can be greatly attributed to the campaign of action enacted by HIS members. Members have been tireless in their efforts to release members from lockouts and their hard work has meant that HIS management is back at the bargaining table and locked-out members are back at work, where they belong.

VHPA are hopeful that the turn around in the dispute means that negotiations can proceed without further incident.

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