A restructure at Yooralla’s Brooklyn Independent Living Centre will mean the loss of 3* Therapist positions. The move raises concerns for the welfare of staff and clients.

The Brooklyn centre (one of only two in Victoria) helps people with disabilities access the communication and mobility technology (like alphabet books or walking aides) they need to complete basic daily activities.

The loss of the 3* Therapists has raised concerns that clients will be turned away from the centre.

With private therapists charging upward of $200, there is a fear that clients will be unable to afford much needed therapy. This would mean an already vulnerable group would be further isolated and disadvantaged.

The VHPA questions why frontline workers are being targeted for cuts while the organization is spending significant sums on management salaries and a costly re-branding exercise—launched in the wake of last year’s abuse claims and a slew of bad publicity.

“Yooralla is failing its clients and hard working staff by cutting services at the Independent Living Centre. If they’re struggling financially, then maybe they should look at the $1.5 million they paid eight managers last year.” says VHPA Secretary Craig McGregor.

“Prioritising façade over substance is never a wise move,” concluded McGregor.


*It was believed at the time of publishing that the number of therapists to be lost was 5 although it will only be 3.