A successful campaign for improved wages and conditions at Healthscope has concluded with Members voting in favour of a settlement.  Healthscope operates numerous hospitals and rehabilitation facilities across Victoria with more than 400 Allied Health Professionals employed.

At the outset of the campaign we identified that rates of pay had fallen behind most other large employers. In negotiations VAHPA delegates Jenna Morecroft, Amanda McDonald and Karen Fernandez were exemplary advocates for their colleagues, clearly articulating members’ dissatisfaction with current arrangements.

The new Agreement provides for:

  • $1,000 lump sum payment on approval of the Agreement.
  • Increases to wages and allowances of 14.50% over the life of the Agreement – an average of 3.625% per annum
  • Increases to the Education Expenses Reimbursement to $700 in July 2016, then to $900 by July 2017
  • Professional Development Leave able to be accumulated over 2 years
  • Improve access to Professional Development Leave
  • Access to pro rata Long Service Leave after 10 years’ service
  • Family and Domestic Violence Leave of up to 10 days paid leave
The improvements were achieved without any loss of current entitlements.

Over the course of the campaign union membership more than doubled.  Equally importantly, sites with previously very low membership got actively involved in the campaign.  The rapid growth in membership and the willingness of Members to consider industrial action if required sent a loud and clear message to Healthscope that genuine improvements were required.  The Agreement has been submitted to the Fair Work Commission for approval.

“You can’t get results like this without a strong and unified membership and great Delegates,” said VAHPA Organiser, Jody Betzien. “Together they’ve ensured better pay and conditions for the life of this Agreement and that they’re in a much improved position next bargaining round.”