Global Green and Healthy Hospitals

VAHPA is now a member of Global Green and Healthy Hospitals (GGHH), an international network of hospitals, health care facilities and health organisations working to reduce the health sector’s impact on the environment.

GGHH provides members with access to resources including guidance documents, experts who can answer questions, and discussion forums. They have designed a data centre for members to store, track and see data and how their actions have made a difference. 

VAHPA members who want to look into making practical changes at their workplace or who are part of their workplace environmental committees, please contact the VAHPA office via to request to sign up to GGHH Connect, where you can access these tools and resources.

Health care accounts for 7% of Australia’s carbon footprint[1]. Accordingly, as health professionals, we need to harness our collective power to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We know climate change will cause massive human health problems and we can’t rely on our federal government and a prime minister who has carried a lump of coal into parliament as Australia floods and burns.

  1. (Malik, A; Lenzen, M; McAlister, S; McGain, F, The carbon footprint of Australian health care, 2, January 2018, p28).