VHPAmemberWJohn Condliffe has been able to bring almost 40 years of experience to his work at Healthcare Imaging Services (HIS) but for the first time in his working life, John doesn’t know what he will be doing next week or whether he will be invited back to work at all as John is one of the six HIS employees who was locked-out last week.

John is known for his compassion and empathy. The wellbeing and welfare of his colleagues has been a great priority for him in his role as delegate- as the wellbeing of staff is also the cornerstone of the health and wellbeing of the organisation.

John and his fellow delegates have worked hard to communicate with HIS management, to let them know that the Health Professionals at HIS deserve better pay and better conditions but to John it seemed management just weren’t listening.

The people that were listening were staff and as bargaining became more difficult, more members joined the VHPA.

With bargaining achieving little, HIS members voted to take protected action and members at the Northern Hospital site stopped work for a barbeque on Tuesday and on Wednesday members stopped work at Knox. In response to the stoppages, six VHPA members were locked-out.

Even after being singled out by this cruel action, John is still determined to continue. John has encouraged us to continue in our efforts and in a letter to his colleagues, John has implored “we are depending on you to hold the line for us to not give in”.

All the more reason we all need to get behind John and our HIS members.  Remember to donate or book tickets to the fundraiser here. Also, messages of support can greatly help to bolster HIS members- send them through the info@vahpa.asn.au, comment on our website, or leave a supportive comment on our Facebook page.