The Community Health Centre (CHC) Campaign continues to gather momentum with more Centres electing Health Professionals Delegates and work underway at most Centres on developing their claims.  The next meeting with the employers’ bargaining representative, the VHIA, is on Monday 22 July where we hope to make further progress.

The rejection by VHIA of the short log of claim for an Agreement expiring in 2014, has meant we are now looking for regular length Agreements (3 to 4 years generally) with a full Log of Claims for each employer.  We maintain our position that the VHIA’s previous proposal of a sector-wide Community Health Agreement that would expire alongside the public sector Agreement in 2015 is totally unacceptable.

Community Health Professionals no longer want to be treated as the poor cousins of their public sector colleagues and be left waiting behind the negotiations for another public sector Agreement.

The membership of the VHPA in Community Health is literally growing daily as the campaign gathers momentum. But we still need your help to reach out to your Health Professional colleagues and to get them to join the VHPA and be involved in the Community Health EA campaign.

If you would like to have an Enterprise Agreement discussion at your Community Health Centre – or are interested in being a Community Health Delegate, please contact the Community Health Organising team at or call us on 1300 322 917.




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