Eligible VAHPA members received a sizable bonus in their pay packet recently after the Union intervened in an underpayment issue. For some employees the quantum of backpay was over $1000.

The underpayment relates to a long-standing error made by Alfred Health that saw employees receive only part of their full higher qualifications allowance.

The union was notified after an astute member noticed the underpayment and contacted us for confirmation of the fact.

The member (and more senior colleagues) had contacted payroll about the issue on several occasions, however nothing was done to rectify the matter until the union escalated the issue. This is yet another reason to be with your union—we will enforce your entitlements!

Well done to all members involved and if you are unsure whether you are receiving the correct wages or allowances then get in touch with the VAHPA Member Assist Team on 1300 322 917